The Mysterons

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    15 Pat Gardner

    I’ve been thinking about how the Mysterons manage to “recreate an exact likeness of an object or person” and a couple of things occurred to me.
    First, the recreations do not use the physical matter of the original, so that the wreckage of a crashed plane or a body still exist. They are creating matter from absolutely nowhere, which requires an enormous amount of energy. E=mc2.
    Second, Mars is in orbit around the sun, just like Earth, but it does not orbit in synchronisation with the Earth. It travels more slowly and has a larger orbit, so at opposition the distance from Earth to Mars is just the difference between the distance from the sun to Earth and the distance from the sun to Mars. But at conjunction the distance to Mars is the distance from Earth to the sun plus the distance from the sun to Mars.
    I reckon that just as we have sunspot maxima and minima, so the Mysteron attacks would come in waves depending upon the relative positions of Mars and Earth. It would be more difficult for the Mysterons to attack when Mars is on the opposite side of the sun to Earth.
    Yes, it’s only a childeren’s TV show and I know I’m overthinking but I do find it fun to muse about which bits of the Anderson world are realistic and which bits are total fantasy.

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