Peter Tilbe to attend Supercelebration

We are very pleased to announce the latest guest to  attend Supercelebration in September: Peter Tilbe. Peter worked as a model worker on Terrahawks in the early 1980s  and contributed to numerous models, including the two-part jet fighter, Hawkwing.

He joins fellow Terrahawks  production crew members Steve Begg, Gary Tomkins and Terry Adlam at Supercelebration – make sure you don’t miss them!

Join us for a Supercelebration

The convention takes place from 20th to 22nd September at the 2019 Holiday Inn, Maidenhead.

Tickets for club members to Supercelebration start from just £75 per person for one day, or £130 for the whole weekend. In this challenging financial climate, we’ve managed to keep the ticket price the same as our Special Assignment convention in 2017.

That’s because we’re a fan club and no one is taking a salary.

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