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Composed and conducted by Barry Gray.

Remastered and substantially expanded from the club’s long out-of-print 2009 release, this amazing 3-CD box set of soundtrack music from Stingray contains the most comprehensive set of recordings from the series ever produced.

Contains numerous versions of the opening and closing titles, commercial break sting and commercially released tracks.

Includes orchestral suites from The Pilot, Stand By For Action, Plant Of Doom, The Man From The Navy, Sea Of Oil, Marineville Traitor, Hostages Of The Deep, Star Of The East, Treasure Down Below, The Big Gun, An Echo Of Danger, The Golden Sea, Invisible Enemy, Count Down, Deep Heat, The Ghost Of The Sea, In Search Of The Tajmanon, Emergency Marineville, Titan Goes Pop, The Ghost Ship, Subterranean Sea, The Cool Cave Man, Trapped In The Depths, Loch Ness Monster, Secret Of The Giant Oyster, Set Sail For Adventure, Raptures Of The Deep, Eastern Eclipse, A Christmas To Remember, Aquanaut Of The Year and Tune Of Danger.

The boxset features a full-colour 40-page booklet packed with track details (cross-referencing music to appearances in other Anderson productions), musicians and known recording sessions.

The entire set is packaged in a glossy slipcase.

Approximate running time: 228 minutes. Mono.

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  1. 11952 Joanne Bishop

    This is the second best Barry Gray score topped only by Thunderbirds.

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