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Composed and conducted by Barry Gray

Includes the opening and closing themes, episodic suites from A Case For The Bishop, A Question Of Miracles, The Feathered Spies and Last Train To Bufflers Halt, plus incidental tracks from School For Spies. Also includes commercial break ‘stings’ and cues that were unused or altered for the final episodes.

Full colour 16-page booklet contains track notes, and detailing recording session dates and musicians.

Approximate running time: 51 minutes

2 reviews for EXCLUSIVE SOUNDTRACK: The Secret Service

  1. 12304 Geoff Tilley

    Without Fanderson, I could not see this soundtrack getting a release through a retail label. I don’t know the cues as well as other shows, so it make me enjoy listening to it more.

  2. 11952 Joanne Bishop

    Being their oldest soundtrack still for sale, I feel this deserves to be sold to all Fanderson members who love Barry Gray’s music.

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