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Composed and conducted by Barry Gray.

Remastered and substantially expanded from the club’s long out-of-print 2003 (155 minutes) and 2010 (160 minutes) releases, this amazing 4-CD box set of soundtrack music from UFO contains the most comprehensive set of recordings from the series ever produced.

Includes suites from every episode of UFOIdentified, Exposed, Survival, A Question Of Priorities, Conflict, Ordeal, The Square Triangle, Confetti Check A-OK, ESP, Close Up, Court Martial, Kill Straker!, Sub-Smash, The Dalotek Affair, Flight Path, Computer Affair, The Responsibility Seat, The Cat With Ten lives, The Sound Of Silence, Destruction, The Man Who Came Back, The Psychobombs, Reflections In The Water, Mindbender, Timelash and The Long Sleep.

The album features music as presented in the episodes and, seperately, music scored for individual episodes but was ultimately unused. It also contains numerous versions of the opening and closing titles, commercial break stings, library music tracks included in the 1980 compilation movie Invasion: UFO, as well as details of commercially-available recordings that couldn’t be included in this album.

The boxset features a full-colour 40-page booklet packed with details of each track (cross-referencing music to appearances in other Anderson productions) and musicians.

The entire set is packaged in a glossy slipcase.

Approximate running time: 308 minutes. Stereo and mono.


  1. 11232 William Squires

    The definitive article – a thoroughly enjoyable listen and a beautiful package as you might expect from Fanderson. The 4 discs are held in a chunky double CD case – the sort of CD case that doesn’t go brittle and break at the hinges immediately with any use at all.

  2. 11952 Joanne Bishop

    This set is packed with more music than the previous 2 releases. And boy is it worth the purchase.

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