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Breaking guest news: Brian Johnson is coming to The Future is Fantastic!

The Future is Fantastic!Fanderson are excited to announce visual effects designer Brian Johnson as the latest guest to sign up for The Future is Fantastic!

As well as working on Supercar, Fireball XL5, Stingray and Thunderbirds, Brian contributed to many famous film productions, including 2001: A Space Odyssey,  Alien, and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. From that trio alone, it’s no surprise that he was also responsible for the special effects on Space 1999, and designing the now iconic Eagle Transporter.

Now fans will have the chance to meet and listen to him, alongside a wide range of  special guests over the weekend from across the Anderson canon:

  • Sylvia Anderson (co-creator of the Anderson series and voice artist)
  • Matt Zimmerman (voice of Alan Tracy – Thunderbirds)
  • David Graham (voice of Parker, Brains, Gordon Tracy – Thunderbirds)
  • Shane Rimmer (voice of Scott Tracy – Thunderbirds) and Sheila Rimmer
  • Alan Shubrook (Century 21 modelmaker)
  • Peter Hitchcock (Century 21 effects)
  • Keith Shackleton ( Head of Merchandising)
  • Mike Noble (TV21/Look-In comic artist)
  • Mike Trim (Century 21  modelmaker)
  • Mary Turner (Century 21 puppeteer and puppet designer)
  • Roy Scammell (actor – Space:1999)
  • Christopher Penfold (writer and story consultant – Space:1999)
  • John Lee (modelmaker – Terrahawks)
  • Judy Preece (puppeteer – Terrahawks)
  • Nicholas Parsons (voice of Tex Tucker – Four Feather Falls)
  • Terry Adlam (creator/director – Dick Spanner)

If you haven’t yet registered for The Future is Fantastic! – don’t worry! There’s still time to register online for the whole or part of the weekend. Find out more here.