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FAB 94 is on its way!

FAB 94 is now winging its way to all Fanderson members around the world!

Included in this issue:

  • a look at UFO‘s life after the screen adventures – in comics
  • a fresh re-appraisal of Thunderbirds The Mighty Atom
  • members’ views of Fireball XL5 The Day The Earth Froze, plus an exclusive cutaway illustration of Space City’s launch trolley system, in our regular Timelash feature
  • an interview with Thunderbirds Are Go‘s model maker Steve Saunders
  • the final part of our exclusive Thunderbird 6 photo-strip
  • news, FAB noticeboard, FAB Review, FAB Mail and more

And, in this mailing everyone (except trial members joining for our 2019 Supercelebration convention) will also be sent a revised version of The Secret Service Close Up book.

How to get FAB magazine? Join Fanderson!

FAB magazine is available exclusively to Fanderson club members – we publish three times a year, and we do our very best to make each issue a joy to read for every fan – regardless of your favourite series!

Once again, we’re mailing FAB magazine in a 100% compostable bag, made from potato and maize starch. 

Don’t throw it in your bin, but instead:

  1. put it in your home composter
  2. put it in with your garden waste, or
  3. use it to line your food waste caddy