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Fanderson releases more Century 21 mini albums!

The Impostors - Century 21 mini album

Fanderson is delighted to announce the release of our tenth Century 21 mini album set!

The club has been faithfully releasing three-disc CD replicas of the original Century 21 Mini Albums for many years. The latest release features two re-tellings of classic Thunderbirds episodes – Thirty Minutes After Noon and The Impostors – plus a non-Anderson curio: Nursery Rhyme Time.

Each CD comes in its own card sleeve replica of the original record, with the trio then packaged together in a plastic wallet.

30 Minutes Afternoon - Century 21 mini album

Running to approximately 63 minutes, the set is available to order online now at the following prices:

  • UK – £19.50
  • Europe – £21.00
  • Rest of the world – £22.50

Order your mini album set today (scroll down from ‘Audiobooks and Mini Albums’)


Nursery Rhyme Time - Century 21 mini album

Please remember that our sales items are only available to Fanderson members.

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