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Welcome to our Gerry Anderson blog

The Gerry Anderson blog
We thought it was about time Fanderson launched it’s own blog! Of course, we already have FAB, the Forum, the Facebook group and these very news pages to communicate with fans, so you might be asking yourself why we need another digital presence.

We see the Gerry Anderson Blog as a place to publish shorter articles or opinion pieces about the worlds of Gerry Anderson, and to spark debate and comment from readers. Maybe there was a point in the past where you wanted to respond directly to something you read in the pages of FAB? Well, now you can do that with the blog.

We will report on unfolding events in the Anderverse, post articles, do funny sketches, debate, review and much more! Feel free to say hi and leave a comment!

Our first post is unapologetically focused on Terrahawks, the subject of our upcoming 30th anniversary event. We have put together a little audio-visual surprise to get you in the mood!

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