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Gerry Anderson greetings cards released

Gerry Anderson greetings cards

We know our club members fans like to exchange gifts , so we thought it would be a good idea to produce some greetings cards featuring some of your favourite series and memories from the worlds of Gerry Anderson! Lovingly designed by Jonathan Baxter, the cards feature scenes from Joe 90 and Space:1999, as well as some of the famous TV21 covers from the past. The fourth card features a mock up of a certain B-movie that we hope will appeal to Thunderbirds fans!

The cards are sold as a pack of 4 and are blank inside. They can be used for any occasion – birthdays, christenings, Christmas – maybe your next reunion with an old friend at a Gerry Anderson convention!

This is the first time the club has produced a card since the follows on from the club’s ‘birthday’ card, which was given to members who attended the club’s 30th anniversary on the 20th August 2011.

Fanderson members can order their pack of Gerry Anderson greetings cards online!