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Get ready for FAB 84

FAB 84FAB 84 has been printed and should be on its way to Fanderson club members in the next few days! 

Apologies for the delay, but we hope you’ll think that the wait has been worth it. Here’s what’s just coming in the new issue of FAB magazine:

  • We look back at Supercar, the very first Supermarionation adventure, which went a long way to defining what a ‘Gerry Anderson production’ was to be.
  • At last year’s The Future is Fantastic! convention, Ian Fryer was granted a very special interview with Syliva Anderson. We present the full transcript of this incredible insight into an incredible life.
  • Chris Thompson and Andrew Clements take a look at the fantastic London Airport as it appears in Thunderbirds’ vision of the 21st century.
  • Mike Jones examines one of the Andersons’ most overlooked productions – the 70s live action adventure series, The Protectors.
  • In our cover feature, Fanderson members share their memories of one of Joe 90’s most dramatic episodes, Three’s a Crowd, in which Mac gets his heart broken…
  • Jonathan Baxter continues his visual re-telling of Doppelganger, the very first Anderson live action science-fiction adventure.
  • All the latest news from the Anderson universe, FAB Mail and an in-depth review of Thunderbirds 1965.

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