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Judy Preece signs up for Supercelebration

Fanderson is delighted to announce that puppeteer Judy Preece has agreed to attend Supercelebration in September.

Judy worked as a puppeteer on Terrahawks, where she helped to craft the Supermacromation style of puppetry. She becomes the third member of the Terrahawks crew to confirm their attendance, following Terry Adlam and Gary Tomkins.

See our full list of confirmed guests.

Join us for a Supercelebration

Early bird tickets to Supercelebration start at just £55 per person for one day, or £90 for the whole weekend. In this challenging financial climate, we’ve managed to keep the ticket price the same as our Special Assignment convention in 2017. That’s because we’re a fan club and no one is taking a salary.

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