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Membership auto-renewal – fix applied

A software fix was applied at the weekend which should have stopped the problem some members were experiencing, whereby they were forced to set up their club account as an automatic annually-renewing membership.

We are now working our way through all membership records to un-apply any auto-renewing, which we are doing on an individual member basis. This will take some days, and members affected will be emailed directly by PayPal to inform them when the club has suspended automatic payments. This does not affect your membership or your ability to pay for any of the club’s services or merchandise. It will simply stop our system auto-renewing your membership next year.

Please ignore any mention of “next subscription payment” on your membership order, as we continue to manage memberships manually, and will inform you when your next renewal is due.

We continue to seek a solution to another issue, whereby some members are not being given the option to simply pay by card (instead only being offered to use/open a PayPal account). As this problem is sporadic, we ask any members experiencing difficulties such as these to email us with:

  • your name
  • your location (country)
  • what you were trying to buy
  • total order amount
  • screenshots of the payment screen and any error messages that you are getting.