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New Century 21 FX set from Alan Shubrook and Mike Trim

The Domo - Thunderbirds vehicle painted by Mike TrimA set of limited edition memorabilia that follows on from Alan Shubrook’s popular book, Century 21 FX – Unseen Untold, has been released in time for Christmas.

The set contains a 36-page brochure featuring new and exclusive stories and photos, including a look at Alan Shubrook’s recent visit to the old Century 21 Studios in Slough, where the special effects pits are still clearly visible.

The set also features 3 brand new, exclusive limited edition prints from Mike Trim depicting some of the vehicles he designed during his time at Century 21. Pictured here is the Domo, from Thunderbirds.

Priced £42.99, the set has been strictly limited to 1,000 copies in order to preserve the exclusivity of the collection. Uk -based fans should order their copy before Tuesday 16 December to guarantee their package is sent out before the final Christmas posting day.

You can order your copy by visiting