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New guest! Richard Culley to attend Special Assignment

We are delighted to announce that Richard Culley will be making his first-ever appearance at a Fanderson convention this October. Richard joined Century 21 in 1967 and went on to succeed Keith Shackleton as Head of Merchandising.

Please note that Richard will be attending on Sunday 1st October only, so make sure you don’t miss this unique chance to meet one of the masterminds behind the Andersons’ vast commercial operation.


Tickets to Special Assignment start at just £65 per person for one day, or £110 for the whole weekend. We’ve managed to keep the ticket price the same as The Future Is Fantastic! convention in 2015 because we’re a fan club and no one is taking a salary. Saturday-only or Sunday-only tickets do not include the Saturday evening meal or any other refreshments that are included in the weekend ticket.

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