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New Gerry Anderson productions are go!

In news that will be hugely exciting to all fans, the new official Gerry Anderson website has been launched to promote the revival of the producer’s unfinished projects. is run by Gerry’s son Jamie Anderson and has been heralded by an tantalising series of teaser trailers, one of which was screened at a the recent BritSciFi convention in Leicester. You can see the ‘Stingray version’ above!

Jamie said: “As evidenced by the sheer volume of entertainment that Dad managed to put out over his lengthy career – he was a pretty prolific creative. Over the last 20 years he put together a number of fantastic projects, with several of those being developed since 2005. Sadly he wasn’t well enough to see them through, but it’s important to me that we get them out there. They’ve all got the Anderson magic. There are four of those projects that we’re working on and developing right now.”

“None are what I would call reimaginings. There’s one book and TV project that he was working on for 2 years that, for me, takes all the best elements of an Anderson show and elegantly puts them into a brand new setting. I’m really excited about that one. The others are new but all true to the Anderson spirit.”

Fans can sign up for notifications from the website at or check out the Facebook Fan Page