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Nicholas Parsons to appear at The Future is Fantastic!

The Future is Fantastic!Fanderson is delighted to announce that Nicholas Parsons has agreed to be appear at The Future is Fantastic!, Fanderson’s eagerly-awaited convention in October. This raises the number of confirmed guests to 12 – and we can confirm that there are more to come!

Nicholas wrote his name into the Gerry Anderson canon when he was cast as the voice of Sheriff Tex Tucker in Four Feather Falls. The hero of the show, Nicholas’s character Tex kept the peace in the eponymous small town in Kansas, with the aid of four magic feathers which allowed his dog and horse to talk, and his guns to swivel and fire by themselves!

Four Feather Falls is of course just a tiny part of Nicholas’s long career in television, radio and theatre, and he is perhaps best remembered for his role as gameshow host on the hugely popular Sale of the Century.

is an English radio and television presenter and actor. His long career in television, radio and theatre has made him a household name and he has been described as “the ultimate quiz show host” because of “(his) geniality, clarity of diction and the speed with which he rattled through questions

We’re looking forward to welcoming Nicholas to the convention and hope you’ll have lots of great questions to put to him – either on stage or in the bar afterwards.

The Future is Fantastic will take place over the weekend of 2nd to the 4th October 2015 at the Holiday Inn Maidenhead.

The current full guest list is:

  • Matt Zimmerman
  • David Graham
  • Shane and Sheila Rimmer
  • Mike Noble
  • Terry Adlam
  • Steve Woodcock
  • Judy Preece
  • Gary Tomkins
  • Alan Shubrook
  • Nicholas Parsons

 Keep watching this website for further guest announcements! In the meantime you can: