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Shane Rimmer’s new novel Long Shot: available to download

Shane Rimmer's latest novel - Long ShotShane Rimmer’s debut thriller novel, Long Shot, is now available as a Kindle download via Amazon.

Set in the world of international golf in the 1980s,  Long Shot  draws on Shane’s love of the sport, which he first wrote about when scripting the 1969 Secret Service episode Hole in One. Shane and long-time Gerry Anderson scriptwriter Tony Barwick shared a love of golf, which led to Shane writing The Secret Service script and to the establishment of a Tony Barwick golf tournament upon the writer’s death in 1993.

Following on the success of his first book, a wry and refreshingly frank autobiography From Thunderbirds to Pterodactyls, (published by Signum in 2010 and recently re-issued as a paperback), Long Shot marks Shane’s first foray into fiction on the printed page.

Long Shot features Gene Tucker, once a highly promising young golfer now reduced to running a driving range after a devastating car crash. Out of the blue, Tucker is asked to manage the opening tournament at a lavish new golf course, Camps Ciela, in Northern Spain, owned by a Washington political lobbyist.

Shane Rimmer at Preston Comicon, October 2014

He takes on the contract and with it a brimful of murder, Spanish nobility intrigue, a die-hard group of Basque dissidents whose aim is to protect the ancient rights of their land, and a young Basque renegade, Ramos, who is bent on wiping out the future of Campos Ciela and Gene Tucker as well…

Download your copy of Long Shot from Amazon now