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Space:1999 Eagles come in to land…

Sixteen 12 have revealed some jaw-dropping pictures of their 44 inch studio scale Rescue Eagle replica. A worldwide limited edition of just 100 copies, the replicas have been signed by Nick Tate, who played Captain Alan Carter throughout the series.

All Eagles not only come with a signed plaque of certification, (with “storage containers” support) but also a huge printed 19inch x 45inch red launch pad display to exhibit your prized possession!

Sixteen 12 are also releasing a ‘classic’ Eagle One replica in the same scale, limited to 200 copies worldwide, and a VIP Eagle, limited to just 20 copies! Both are signed by Nick Tate and Brian Johnson, production designer on Space:1999.

Make sure you keep on Sixteen 12’s website, as more images are on the way…