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Sporadic issue with PayPal

It has been brought to our attention that a very small number of club members are experiencing problems paying for their Fanderson membership, merchandise or services.

Although PayPal has been our card payment processor without problem for many years, it appears that some members are no longer being given the option to simply pay by card (instead only being offered to use/open a PayPal account). Please be assured that this is not something that Fanderson has asked to be put in place.

We are investigating the problem with PayPal, but it is proving difficult as it’s sporadic and doesn’t seem to be following any pattern (ie, location, amount being purchased etc).

We ask any members experiencing difficulties of this type to email us with:

  • your name
  • your location (country)
  • what you were trying to buy
  • total order amount
  • screenshots of the payment screen and any error messages that you are getting.