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Stingray coming to Blu-ray Disc in 2022

Network have finally confirmed what we’ve been hoping for (and they’ve been hinting at) for ages. Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s groundbreaking underwater series Stingray is being remastered in high definition for a release on Blu-ray Disc in 2022!

The series will be offered in two limited edition boxsets. For £80, the Deluxe edition includes:

  • Exclusive, limited edition deluxe packaging
  • Brand-new Stingray comic
  • Brand-new Stingray book by archive television historian Andrew Pixley
  • Gerry Anderson commentaries on the pilot and Stand By For Action
  • The Reunion Party – HD remaster of the Japanese Stingray presentation footage
  • Give-a-Show projector image gallery
  • Sylvia Anderson interview part 2
  • Walton home movies
  • Image gallery (5 mins)
  • Stingray WASP pilot license and badge
  • Brand-new mini adventure CD
  • Stingray ephemera wallet
  • Lincoln toy advert
  • Lyons Maid advert
  • Des O’Connor Show sketch
  • Ad bumpers
  • French end credits
  • Century 21 Tech Talk: Stingray
  • Stingray TV21 audio adventures
  • Remastered and reconstructed Super Space Theater films The Incredible Voyage Of Stingray and Invaders From The Deep (to be shipped separately in summer 2022)

For an extra £30, the Super-Deluxe edition adds:

  • Super Deluxe edition box
  • Luxury hardcover memorabilia album
  • Replica Stingray pressbook
  • Two bespoke art prints
  • Stingray aqua blue 7″ vinyl EP

Both sets are expected to be released in April 2022, and can be pre-ordered now at Network.

In the meantime, to whet your appetite A Christmas To Remember is available to stream, free of charge, until 18:00 on Sunday 26th December.