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Supermarionation voice artist Gary Files on The Secret Service Annual

Gary Files recently received his copy of our exclusive The Secret Service Annual at home in Australia and wrote to say:

“What a splendid job you have all done. The Secret Service Annual will be here for my daughter and grandchild when I cash in my chips! It has pride of place on my library shelves, or will have when I’ve read it again!”

The actor and Supermarionation voice artist (Thunderbird 6‘s Black Phantom/Captain Foster, Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons‘ Captain Magenta, The Secret Service’s Matthew and UFO’s Phil Wade) went on to recollect:

“When I got my copy of The Secret Service Annual I was tickled pink! There we all were doing our parts in those perky episodes with dear Stanley Unwin. And what memories it’s layout brought back to me.

“For many years now I have been carrying around with me, from country to country, a copy of something I bought for 7 old pence way back in 1967, some time after I had started working for Gerry and Sylvia Anderson and their Century 21 company as one of the wonderful voice team. It was a newspaper called Century 21- Adventures in the 21st century!

“Also listed was this information: “Universe Edition 140, Dateline September 23rd 2067”. And so much of it was laid out very much like The Secret Service Annual. What a great souvenir to have for fans of Gerry’s animation to complete the series of annuals that Fanderson members have collected over the years.

“Two other coincidences occurred to me: September is my birthday month and I actually bought the paper on 23rd of September 1967.

“So, if you are a fan of Gerry, and all of us who had the pleasure of working for him – this is a great addition to add to your collection.

“Cheers to you all in Britain from us in Oz during this awful Covid time.”

Gary Files.