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Sylvia Anderson and women in TV

Thunderbirds‘ co-creator Sylvia Anderson and her influence on women working in TV is one of the subjects to be discussed in BBC Radio 4’s Front Row programme on Wednesday 13th September 2022.

Front Row is Radio 4’s live magazine programme on the worlds of arts, literature, film, media and music.

The name Sylvia Anderson was recently invoked by Dr. Lisa Cameron MP, during a debate on gender equality in the media in Westminster Hall. The late Sylvia Anderson was a pioneer in the male dominated world of television, co-creating Thunderbirds in the 1960s with her then husband Gerry. But her family say her name has often been omitted from credits and merchandise in the years since then. Samira Ahmed speaks to Sylvia’s daughter Dee Anderson and Dame Heather Rabbatts, Chair of Time’s Up UK, who are campaigning for her legacy to be restored and to Barbara Broccoli, producer of the James Bond films, who remembers Sylvia as her mentor.

The programme is the latest discussion of Dee Anderson’s high-profile and growing campaign for posthumous justice for her late mother, Sylvia.

Front Row is available on BBC iPlayer, though you may be required to sign-in to listen. Wind through to 12:52 for the start of article on Sylvia.