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Sylvia Anderson interviewed in Andersonic

Andersonic logoIssue 17 of the popular Gerry Anderson fanzine Andersonic is now available to buy online!

As we have come to expect, the March issue contains the usual high standard of interviews, reviews and articles. Issue 17 features two amazing interviews. The first, with Alan Shubrook, covers his career at Century 21 and is illustrated with some of his rare behind-the-scenes photos. The second is an exclusive interview with Sylvia Anderson, in which she talks about her work in the creating and  casting Lady Penelope, Parker, the Angels and Ed Straker!

Other juicy morsels not to be missed…:

  • Space:1999/ Siren Planet – a look at the original script written by Art Wallace, which was later rewritten by Johnny Byrne to become the series’ second episode ‘Matter of Life and Death’.
  • Thunderbirds/ Desperate Intruder – two writers take opposing views on this desert adventure where Brains finds himself up to his neck in it.
  • UFO/The Long Sleep – we curl up with a tube of Smarties and take a look at one of the weirder UFO episodes. Take a trip with us back to that ruined farmhouse…
  • Home Taping: 1999 – Mark Rosney recalls the days before VHS.
  • Strip Story – we look at an individual comic strip story to see what makes it tick. This issue – Countdown’s UFO story ‘The Final Climb’ drawn by Jon Davis.

Issue 17 also features internal art by Steve Kyte and a cover image by Martin Bower.

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