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Issue 23 of the hit fanzine Andersonic is now available, and it’s packed with a wide range of amazing features that will appeal to Anderson fans of all interests.

  • Ayshea Brough interview – Ayshea talks about her time working on UFO.
  • Archive – In 1993 Chris Drake interviewed Gerry Anderson for his book ‘UFO & Space: 1999’. In the third part of this interview Gerry talked candidly about the making of Captain Scarlet.
  • Alan Shubrook – Alan writes about the recent demolition of the Century 21 studios in Slough and also shares his thoughts on working on Captain Scarlet.
  • Captain Scarlet Comics of the 90s – Graeme Bassett writes about his work on Alan Fennell’s comic revival of the early 1990s .
  • The A-Z of Stingray – Essential marine facts for the aquanaut of tomorrow – today!
  • Space: 1999 – a critique of End of Eternity with the emphasis on Ray Austin’s direction.
  • The Protectors – Mike Coldwell casts an eye over Shadbolt
  • Watching the Watchers – A look at Granada’s Supermarionation transmission history of the 60s and 70s.
  • Captain Scarlet – ‘Point 783’ – two writers slug it out over this popular episode.
  • Merchandise Reviews – we review recent CDs and books. Plus ‘Things You Do (when you’re a fan)’, news of an upcoming UFO convention and some other stuff.

Take it from us – it’s 44 pages of Anderson heaven!

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Brian Johnson interviewed in latest Andersonic issue

Issue 20 - AndersonicIssue 20 of Andersonic is now available for all discerning fans of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson!

The latest issue of the hit Anderson fanzine includes:

Brian Johnson interview – covering his work on Space 1999, Stingray, Thunderbirds, 2001 and the Alien films

Mark Harrison Interview – CG director on New Captain Scarlet and leader of the Scarlet Team, Mark discusses his work on Gerry’s last series

Thunderbirds 1965 – set visit during the filming of ‘The Abominable Snowman’ episode

Anderson Dream Episodes – clever lateral thinking or a feeble cop-out?

Space: 1999 – Another Time, Another Place – Mark Braxton reviews one of the first series’s weirder episodes

Reviews – Alan Shubrook’s new book, CD21 interview CDs and  ‘The Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson’ DVD

Strip Story – the Andersonic time machine goes back to 1965 to dissect the first issue of TV Century 21

Featuring new art by Richard Smith, issue 20 comprises 44 pages with colour inner & outer covers, and is available to purchase from

Andersonic issue 19 out now

Issue 19 - AndersonicThe 19th issue of the hit fanzine Andersonic is now here!

There’s an interview with APF’s sculptor/puppetry supervisor, Mary Turner, who worked on the puppet series from Torchy to The Secret Service and along with John Read. Amongst other things, Mary spills the beans about who Marina was really based on….

There’s also an interview with Ken Holt about his time working at Century 21 on UFO and his involvement in The Investigator. Make sure to read this to find out what links a bi-plane, green paint and a very unfortunate ram!

  • Black Sun – a look at the first draft of David Weir’s script for this popular early episode of Space:1999
  • The Cat with Ten Lives – one of UFO’s finest episodes goes under the microscope
  • Still Flying High – assembled writers look at why Thunderbirds has lasted this long and pick their favourite moments
  • Reviews – the ‘Filmed in Supermarionation’ documentary and other releases
  • Strip Story – an individual comic strip story is dissected to see what makes it tick. This issue – TV21’s Fireball story ‘Electrode 909’ drawn by Mike Noble.

Issue 19 of Andersonic comprises 44 pages with colour inner and outer covers, and features brand new art by Richard Smith.

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Andersonic issue 18 is here!

Andersonic issue 18The latest issue of Andersonic – the absolutely excellent Gerry Anderson fanzine – is now available to purchase online! Issue 18 includes:

David Elliott interview – a new interview with APF’s editor and director who worked on the early puppet series up to Stingray and Thunderbirds.

Alan Perry Interview – Alan talks of his time working at APF/Century 21 on series such as Stingray and Thunderbirds and directing episodes of Captain Scarlet and UFO.

UFO/Computer Affair – Someone’s in lurve yet Ed Straker needs a computer to see it. We take a look at an overlooked episode.

Thunderbirds/ Invisible TV – Fred McNamara looks at the reasons why Thunderbirds is often overlooked in academic writing about television.

Joe 90/ Most Special Agent – two writers take opposing views of this series opener. Is it any good? One of them thinks so..

How do you watch your fave series? – Our writers reveal their little foibles when doing a bit of Anderson viewing.

Strip Story – we look at an individual comic strip story to see what makes it tick. This issue – Countdown’s Stingray story ‘Model Mission’ drawn by Brian Lewis.

… plus The Overseers of Psychon, Alpha Log Reports, event reviews and other stuff. The issue also has new art by Nigel Parkinson and a cover image by Martin Bower.

You can purchase the latest issue today from the Andersonic website!

Sylvia Anderson interviewed in Andersonic

Andersonic logoIssue 17 of the popular Gerry Anderson fanzine Andersonic is now available to buy online!

As we have come to expect, the March issue contains the usual high standard of interviews, reviews and articles. Issue 17 features two amazing interviews. The first, with Alan Shubrook, covers his career at Century 21 and is illustrated with some of his rare behind-the-scenes photos. The second is an exclusive interview with Sylvia Anderson, in which she talks about her work in the creating and  casting Lady Penelope, Parker, the Angels and Ed Straker!

Other juicy morsels not to be missed…:

  • Space:1999/ Siren Planet – a look at the original script written by Art Wallace, which was later rewritten by Johnny Byrne to become the series’ second episode ‘Matter of Life and Death’.
  • Thunderbirds/ Desperate Intruder – two writers take opposing views on this desert adventure where Brains finds himself up to his neck in it.
  • UFO/The Long Sleep – we curl up with a tube of Smarties and take a look at one of the weirder UFO episodes. Take a trip with us back to that ruined farmhouse…
  • Home Taping: 1999 – Mark Rosney recalls the days before VHS.
  • Strip Story – we look at an individual comic strip story to see what makes it tick. This issue – Countdown’s UFO story ‘The Final Climb’ drawn by Jon Davis.

Issue 17 also features internal art by Steve Kyte and a cover image by Martin Bower.

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Andersonic issue 16 is out!

Andersonic issue 16

Issue 16 of the Andersonic fanzine is now available to purchase online! With cover art by Rob Caswell, there’s a wealth of material for Gerry Anderson fans to feast on, including:

Tony Stacey interview – a new interview with APF & Century 21’s Chief Projectionist from Stingray up to UFO. Tony talks about his time at the studio and his escapades with Stanley Unwin, alligators, James Bond, Superswish curtain track and filming with John Read.

Gerry Haylock Interview – Countdown’s comic strip artist who drew UFO and Doctor Who for the comic, as well as Land of the Giants for Joe 90: Top Secret and even a few Protectors covers for TV Action. Gerry talks about his work and techniques he used on the comic strips.

Space:1999/ The Exiles – a look at the shooting script of this early Year 2 episode with comparisons to the finished episode. Find out what happened when Koenig decided to open fire on a guest and what links Space:1999 and Hawkwind.

Let’s Get Metaphysical – Amidst all the rumours of remakes and reboots, Robert E Wood takes a look at the heart and soul of Space: 1999 and addresses that old chestnut of scientific plausibility.

UFO/Conflict – we take a look at an underrated UFO episode and find there’s more to it than a load of space junk.

Space: 1999/ War Games – Mark Braxton looks at this well-regarded episode and finds a lot of Hawks but a total lack of Doves.

Strip Story – we look at an individual comic strip story to see what makes it tick. This issue – Countdown’s epic Thunderbirds strip ‘UN Rescue Ltd’.

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Andersonic Issue 15

Andersonic 15 coverIssue 15 of the high-respected Andersonic fanzine is now available for Gerry Anderson fans to buy online. The latest issue includes:

  • Tony Harding interview – Century 21’s Effects Assistant on Captain Scarlet, Joe 90, Secret Service and UFO
  • Tony Roper Interview – Sound Editor from Captain Scarlet up to UFO
  • Stingray/ Treasure Down Below – a look at the original script of this early colour episode written by Dennis Spooner
  • Gerry Anderson Tributes – following the passing of Gerry Anderson, writers recall what Gerry’s work has meant to them
  • RAF Cosford Event review – a look back at the ‘Flights of Fantasy’ exhibition last November
  • UFO/The Responsibility Seat – a review of an underrated UFO episode
  • Paperback Writers – a look at the current range of Thunderbirds novels, including interviews with writers Joan Marie Verba & Anthony Taylor, plus illustrator Steve Kyte
  • Strip Story – a look at an individual comic strip story to see what makes it tick. This issue: Countdown’s ‘Return of the Rock Snakes’

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