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Andersonic Issue 15

Andersonic 15 coverIssue 15 of the high-respected Andersonic fanzine is now available for Gerry Anderson fans to buy online. The latest issue includes:

  • Tony Harding interview – Century 21’s Effects Assistant on Captain Scarlet, Joe 90, Secret Service and UFO
  • Tony Roper Interview – Sound Editor from Captain Scarlet up to UFO
  • Stingray/ Treasure Down Below – a look at the original script of this early colour episode written by Dennis Spooner
  • Gerry Anderson Tributes – following the passing of Gerry Anderson, writers recall what Gerry’s work has meant to them
  • RAF Cosford Event review – a look back at the ‘Flights of Fantasy’ exhibition last November
  • UFO/The Responsibility Seat – a review of an underrated UFO episode
  • Paperback Writers – a look at the current range of Thunderbirds novels, including interviews with writers Joan Marie Verba & Anthony Taylor, plus illustrator Steve Kyte
  • Strip Story – a look at an individual comic strip story to see what makes it tick. This issue: Countdown’s ‘Return of the Rock Snakes’

Order your copy today from – price £2.45 including UK postage!