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Andersonic issue 19 out now

Issue 19 - AndersonicThe 19th issue of the hit fanzine Andersonic is now here!

There’s an interview with APF’s sculptor/puppetry supervisor, Mary Turner, who worked on the puppet series from Torchy to The Secret Service and along with John Read. Amongst other things, Mary spills the beans about who Marina was really based on….

There’s also an interview with Ken Holt about his time working at Century 21 on UFO and his involvement in The Investigator. Make sure to read this to find out what links a bi-plane, green paint and a very unfortunate ram!

  • Black Sun – a look at the first draft of David Weir’s script for this popular early episode of Space:1999
  • The Cat with Ten Lives – one of UFO’s finest episodes goes under the microscope
  • Still Flying High – assembled writers look at why Thunderbirds has lasted this long and pick their favourite moments
  • Reviews – the ‘Filmed in Supermarionation’ documentary and other releases
  • Strip Story – an individual comic strip story is dissected to see what makes it tick. This issue – TV21’s Fireball story ‘Electrode 909’ drawn by Mike Noble.

Issue 19 of Andersonic comprises 44 pages with colour inner and outer covers, and features brand new art by Richard Smith.

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