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Andersonic issue 18 is here!

Andersonic issue 18The latest issue of Andersonic – the absolutely excellent Gerry Anderson fanzine – is now available to purchase online! Issue 18 includes:

David Elliott interview – a new interview with APF’s editor and director who worked on the early puppet series up to Stingray and Thunderbirds.

Alan Perry Interview – Alan talks of his time working at APF/Century 21 on series such as Stingray and Thunderbirds and directing episodes of Captain Scarlet and UFO.

UFO/Computer Affair – Someone’s in lurve yet Ed Straker needs a computer to see it. We take a look at an overlooked episode.

Thunderbirds/ Invisible TV – Fred McNamara looks at the reasons why Thunderbirds is often overlooked in academic writing about television.

Joe 90/ Most Special Agent – two writers take opposing views of this series opener. Is it any good? One of them thinks so..

How do you watch your fave series? – Our writers reveal their little foibles when doing a bit of Anderson viewing.

Strip Story – we look at an individual comic strip story to see what makes it tick. This issue – Countdown’s Stingray story ‘Model Mission’ drawn by Brian Lewis.

… plus The Overseers of Psychon, Alpha Log Reports, event reviews and other stuff. The issue also has new art by Nigel Parkinson and a cover image by Martin Bower.

You can purchase the latest issue today from the Andersonic website!