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Sylvia Anderson to appear at The Future is Fantastic!


Fanderson is thrilled to announce that Sylvia Anderson has agreed to appear in her first-ever Fanderson convention this October. Sylvia has expressed the view that she thinks The Future is Fantastic! will be ‘very special’, and now leads a formidable list of guests who will be appearing at the event.

Producer, writer and voice actress, Sylvia Anderson worked with her husband Gerry in the 1960s and 1970s to co-create most of the series and films that Fanderson celebrates today. She is famous for developing the characterisation and costumes of these productions – particularly in Thunderbirds, where she both voiced and designed the look of Lady Penelope. Fittingly, she is set to return to the new Thunderbirds Are Go as Lady Penelope’s Great Aunt Sylvia this year. She has also recently been developing a new animated series called the The Last Station in collaboration with her daughter, Dee.

So far, the full list of guests announced for The Future is Fantastic! is:


The most up to date guest list can be found here


Ticket prices for The Future is Fantastic will be increasing in April, so this is your last chance to buy your tickets at the full discounted price!

The Future is Fantastic! will take place over the weekend of 2nd to the 4th October 2015 at the Holiday Inn Maidenhead.

As well as a wonderful array of special guest panels and interviews, Fanderson’s first full-weekend convention in five years will also feature:

  • rare screenings
  • displays of models, puppets and artwork
  • exclusive merchandise
  • interactive workshops
  • games…

…plus a few other surprises!

In the meantime, you can…

sylvia-anderson-space-1999-cake sylvia-anderson-space-1999-2

What do you think of the exciting news about Sylvia’s involvement at the convention? Let us know below by posting your comment below!