42 guests at Andercon and counting…

Andercon ticketsThings are hotting up as we approach April – the month of Andercon!

A flurry of exciting new guests have been announced for the event, and the guest list now stands at 42 members of the cast and crew of every single Anderson show from Twizzle to New Captain Scarlet, including members of new project Gemini Force One!

Anderson Entertainment and Network have joined forces to screen some exclusive and never-before-seen transfers and restorations over the weekend – which they’ll be announcing in the coming weeks.

New additions to the line-up also include Andy Rolfe’s beautiful SPV interior recreation and the Model T Ford “Gabriel” as driven by Stanley Unwin in The Secret Service.

Andercon takes place over the weekend of 19th-20th April at the Park Inn Hotel, London Heathrow.

Find out more about the event and book your tickets online at www.andercon.co.uk

Thunderbirds Cars are Go at Andercon!

Straker's car from UFO

FAB1 and a host of other cars from the series of Gerry Anderson will be on show at the launch of Andercon – the first official convention for fans of the legendary TV and film producer.

The convention will take place between 19th-20th April 2014 at the Park Inn Heathrow hotel, and will feature over 40 guests from the cast and crew of every single Gerry Anderson production.

In addition to FAB1 there should be a number of famous vehicles from other Anderson productions, including the Model T Ford ‘Gabriel’ from the Secret Service, a replica of Straker’s car from UFO (subject to completion on time), a surviving moon buggy from Space: 1999 and Rolls Royce’s specially built ‘FAB1Million’ Ghost (awaiting confirmation).Andercon logo

Andercon looks set to attract Gerry Anderson fans from all over the world. Jamie Anderson, Managing Director of Anderson Entertainment said: “It’s a great chance to meet the cast and crew in person and to see the original props up close. We’ll have exclusive screenings, panels and workshops, Q&A sessions and quizzes and costume competitions with super prizes. We’ll also be showing never-before-seen set reconstructions showing how the Anderson magic happened. Unfortunately, the venue has had to limit the number of people allowed, so I advise anyone who’s interested to secure tickets now while they’re still available.”

Tickets cost £45 per day and are available from www.andercon.co.uk

New Gerry Anderson convention announced for 2014

Andercon logoGerry Anderson Convention alert! Anderson Entertainment has announced it will hold its first ever Gerry Anderson convention in April 2014.

Hosted by Anderson Entertainment and produced by Basestar Limited, AnderCon will celebrate the life and legacy of British television’s most celebrated Science Fiction producer, and creator of telefantasy classics including Thunderbirds, Space 1999, Joe 90, Captain Scarlet, UFO and Stingray.

There will be guest appearances from many of the actors and voice artists from across the series, including Zienia Merton, Prentis Hancock and Pam Rose (Space 1999); David Quilter and Richard James (Space Precinct); David Graham, Matt Zimmerman and Shane Rimmer (Thunderbirds).

Andercon banner

Production personnel attending currently include Mike Trim, Steve Begg, Kevin Davies, Crispin Merrell, Terry Adlam and Phil Ford.

In what promises to be a first for a Gerry Anderson convention, the event also aims to bring to life the creativity and ingenuity of those early studio days through displays of production drawings, together with recreations of actual sets used in the filming of classic shows such as Thunderbirds and Stingray!

Andercon will be held across the weekend of Saturday 19th – 20th 2014, at the Park Inn Hotel, Heathrow Airport, London.

Watch out for:

  • Brains’s Laboratory
  • an explosive Refinery
  • the Rolling Road beloved of many an action sequence
  • Stingray’s “underwater” tank, complete with fish alongside some of the surviving full-sized vehicles that appeared in Anderson’s productions.

There will be an impressive display of reproduction props and models courtesy of fan collectors and prop builders, providing some great photo opportunities for fans.

More information on the event can be found on the event website: www.andercon.co.uk with additional guests and event attractions to be announced in the coming months!