Christian Roberts to attend Supercelebration

We are thrilled to announce that Christian Roberts will be attending Supercelebration in September!

Christian starred in the last episode of UFO, The Long Sleep, and joins a long list of cast members from the series at Supercelebration, including:

  • Susan Jameson
  • Michael Jayston
  • Gary Raymond
  • Georgina Moon
  • Penny Spencer

Join us for a Supercelebration

The convention takes place from 20th to 22nd September at the 2019 Holiday Inn, Maidenhead.

Tickets for club members to Supercelebration start from just £75 per person for one day, or £130 for the whole weekend. In this challenging financial climate, we’ve managed to keep the ticket price the same as our Special Assignment convention in 2017. That’s because we’re a fan club and no one is taking a salary.

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