Jeremy Wilkin has died

We are saddened to hear that Jeremy Wilkin, the voice of Virgil Tracy and many other Anderson productions, has died.

Jeremy replaced David Holliday as the pilot of Thunderbird 2 for the second series, voicing Virgil in all six episodes as well as both feature films. Following this, he voiced a host of voices in Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, Joe:90 and The Secret service. He also had an uncredited appearance in Doppelgänger before being cast in UFO as the SkyDiver crew member Lieutenant Gordon Maxwell. Besides Anderson productions, Jeremy is fondly remembered for contributions to other iconic series and films, including Doctor Who (Revenge of the Cybermen), Blake’s 7 and the James Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me.

Jeremy became a regular attendee at Fanderson conventions alongside his fellow Tracy brother voice artists.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends. An obituary will be appearing in FAB 88.

Jeremy Wilkin joins the guest list!

The Future is Fantastic!Fanderson is excited to announce that actor and voice artist Jeremy Wilkin has agreed to join the party at The Future is Fantastic!

Jeremy voiced Virgil Tracy in the second season of Thunderbirds and both Thunderbirds feature films, and will be joining his fellow voice artists Shane Rimmer, David Graham and Matt Zimmerman on stage to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the series this weekend.

Jeremy also voiced a host of characters in Captain Scarlet, Joe 90 and the The Secret Services, and played Lt. Gordon Maxwell in UFO.

The full guest is list is now as follows:

  • Sylvia Anderson (co-creator of the Anderson series and voice artist)
  • Matt Zimmerman (voice of Alan Tracy – Thunderbirds)
  • David Graham (voice of Parker, Brains, Gordon Tracy – Thunderbirds)
  • Shane Rimmer (voice of Scott Tracy – Thunderbirds) and Sheila Rimmer
  • Jeremy Wilkin (voice of Virgil Tracy – Thunderbirds)
  • Brian Johnson (visual effects designer)
  • Alan Shubrook (Century 21 modelmaker)
  • Peter Hitchcock (Century 21 effects)
  • Keith Shackleton (Head of Merchandising)
  • Mike Noble (TV21/Look-In comic artist)
  • Mike Trim (Century 21  modelmaker)
  • Mary Turner (Century 21 puppeteer and puppet designer)
  • Roy Scammell (actor – Space:1999)
  • Christopher Penfold (writer and story consultant – Space:1999)
  • John Lee (modelmaker – Terrahawks)
  • Judy Preece (puppeteer – Terrahawks)
  • Nicholas Parsons (voice of Tex Tucker – Four Feather Falls)
  • Terry Adlam (creator/director – Dick Spanner)

If you haven’t yet registered for The Future is Fantastic! – don’t worry! There’s still time to register online for the whole or part of the weekend. Find out more here.


We’ve had lots of questions from fans asking about the weekend’s programme. We are holding back on this for the moment because almost all items are subject to change throughout the weekend due to guest availability and we don’t want fans planning their days in minute detail only be disappointed later when things change! However, delegates will get a full programme in the convention package when they arrive.

In the meantime, here is the essential information you need to help you start to plan your weekend at The Future is Fantastic!:

  • Friday 2nd October, from about 15:00 – registrations, Fanderson Sales, meeting up with old friends, screenings as soon as the room is set-up (and certainly by 18:00)
  • Saturday 3rd October, from 08:00 – registrations, opening ceremony (09:30), Fanderson Sales, exhibitions, workshops, screenings, interviews, presentations, merchandise dealers, meeting up with old friends
  • Saturday 3rd October, from 19:30 – evening entertainment including dinner for those with full weekend tickets, drinks in the bar with old friends, and making new ones
  • Sunday 4th October, from 08:00 – registrations, re-opening ceremony, Fanderson Sales, exhibitions, workshops, more screenings, more interviews, more presentations, merchandise dealers, closing ceremony at 17:00, saying cheerio to friends both old and new from about 17:30