Thunderbirds merchMAKER launches customisable classic Thunderbirds apparel

Thunderbirds merchmaker

Would you like a t-shirt that displays Parker’s words of wisdom? Or a hoodie with one of the Hood’s trademark curses? Well, now you can make your own!

Thunderbirds fans can now customise their very own licensed classic Thunderbirds apparel thanks to merchMAKER.

For the first time ever, Thunderbirds fans are now in complete control of their apparel. Creating your own customised Thunderbirds clothes couldn’t be easier:

  • Choose your favourite design from a specially categorised image library, followed by your favourite product (hoodies, zoodies, t-shirts, sweatshirts and varsity jackets).
  • Personalise your creation in one of 3 ways: with your name, a famous quote from the series, or with a personalised quote.
  • Add your creation to your basket and complete your transaction!

What will you choose? 

You can choose from 80 designs, 72 Thunderbirds quotes and a incredible 276,480 product combinations! How about…

  • ‘Thunderbirds are go (your name)!’
  • ‘On my way to Tracy Island with (your name)’
  • ‘(your name), no strings attached’
  • ‘(your name) Calling International Rescue’

Special Offer!

A special 25% discount is offered exclusive to Fanderson followers, just use the code TB01 when checking out. To ensure you receive the latest updates on the Thunderbirds merchMAKER visit