Documentary premiere lifts the lid on Space Precinct amid reboot rumours

Space Precinct Legacy premiere at Prince Charles Cinema

A new 90-minute documentary about the making of Space Precinct premiered at the Prince Charles Cinema in central London on Wednesday 13th March. The screening of Space Precinct Legacy was followed by a question and answer session hosted by the director Paul Cotrulia and series composer Crispin Merrell, who also scored an original soundtrack for the documentary.
Composer Crispin Merrell prepares to be interviewed for Space Precinct Legacy space-precinct-legacy-2 Paul Cotrulia with some special guests at the premiere of Space Precinct Legacy Featuring in-depth interviews with key members of the production  team, Space Precinct Legacy provided a fascinating and at times controversial insight into the political, financial and creative tensions at play behind the scenes of the series.

“I think some people were shocked about how brutally honest the documentary is” said Cotrulia. “It doesn’t pretend that Space Precinct was Gerry Anderson’s best series and we reveal some shocking secrets about the making of it. I think when people see the documentary they’ll be more forgiving of some of the series flaws.”

Nevertheless, after watching the documentary it is easy to see why Cotrulia describes himself as a “hardcore Space Precinct fan”.

“It was an incredible honour to meet with and interview some of the makers of Gerry Anderson’s unique, yet under-appreciated series. I think his vision or concept for the series was brilliant even if it didn’t reach its full potential on screen.”

“I can’t tell you how exciting it was to sit in a cinema with some of those very filmmakers and Jamie Anderson and watch the documentary.”

According to Cotrulia, a  decision is going to be made very shortly about the future of Space Precinct. “There is a very strong possibility of a Space Precinct reboot movie and Jamie Anderson could be involved,” he explained. “However that can only happen if the documentary is successful.”

Wow – this all sounds pretty exciting! So if you want to know the real, warts-and-all story of the making of one of Gerry Anderson’s most ambitious series and keep alive the possibility of a remake, you know what to do!

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Space Precinct Legacy to premiere in March

Space Precinct legacy poster

The upcoming Space Precinct Legacy documentary will premiere at the Prince Charles Cinema, London on March 13th. It promises to be a unique chance for fans to learn more about Gerry Anderson and will be followed by a Q&A session involving composer Crispin Merrell and other members of the cast and crew.

Tickets for the premiere can be booked online here.

The 90-minute documentary includes interviews and never-before-seen behind the scenes material and goes on sale on Blu-Ray DVD from April 1st. It can also be pre-ordered from Amazon.

“I think we honour Gerry Anderson, his epic vision and ambition in Space Precinct Legacy, our upcoming documentary about Gerry Anderson’s Space Precinct,” says Creative Director, Paul Cotrulia. “The Space Precinct crew each tell stories about Gerry Anderson in the documentary, not just about working with him but also about their personal relationships with the man himself.

A trailer for the documentary will also be shown at the Sci-Fi Weekender science fiction convention on March 1st, followed by a Q&A session with Paul Cotrulia.

Anticipation surrounding the documentary has been growing since the cover artwork for the Blu-Ray DVD was revealed in November 2012.

Space Precinct Documentary to be released on BluRay

The cover artwork for a brand new feature-length documentary about Gerry Anderson’s  Space Precinct has been unveiled.

Dubbed ‘the story of the most ambitious British television series ever made’,  Space Precinct Legacy features brand new interviews with cast as well as rare and never-before-seen behind the scenes footage! The 90-minute documentary is slated for release in April 2013  and will be eagerly awaited by all fans of a series that has perhaps been unfairly ignored in recent years. It is directed by Paul Cotrulia and produced by Event Films Ltd.