Fanderson enters The Nice Rooms

Gerry AndersonAn in-depth article about Fanderson and the work of Gerry Anderson has been published today on The Nice Rooms, a non-profit, completely  independent website that celebrates all things, art, music, film and more.

FAB Editor Ian Fryer is interviewed in detail about the role of the club, his favourite series, the greatness of Space:1999’s 1st season, ill-fated puppets and props and his experiences of meeting Gerry Anderson.

“Despite the dementia that was eating away at him, Gerry was a natural showman,” recalls Ian.  “(He) could still turn it on in front of an audience. I did one of Gerry’s last on-stage interviews and saw the transformation in him when it was time to go on stage. At quite a late stage of his illness Gerry did a brilliantly funny speech at the SFX awards ceremony, which should be still available on You Tube.”

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