Space Police screenplay released

The cover of the Space Police scriptbookAnderson Entertainment has released the original screenplay from Space Police – the pilot film starring Shane Rimmer that eventually became Space Precinct in 1994/5. Released in both paperback and ebook formats, it features a foreword from Shane Rimmer, as well as a brief introduction from Gerry’s son Jamie. It’s a direct transcription of the original screenplay – including dialogue insertions, scene changes, and hand-written alterations.

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A review will appear in FAB 77.

Catch The Day After Tomorrow DVD Trailer

Fanderson has produced a special trailer to advertise one of the club’s most successful and enduring DVDs.

Back in 2002 the double release of The Day After Tomorrow (TDAT) and Space Police brought together two of Gerry Anderson’s most underrated pilot productions, allowing many fans to enjoy them for the first time.

Now Fanderson has put together a trailer that showcases the drama and mind-bending science-fiction of TDAT. If you have’t seen this before – then what are you waiting for? Get your copy while stocks last!

The Day After Tomorrow

Starrring Brian Blessed, Joanna Dunham, Nick Tate and Shane Rimmer, TDAT tells the story of the light ship Altares, and its voyage of scientific discovery to Alpha Centauri. Things go badly wrong though when the the Altares hurtles out of control at near light speed, leaving the crew stranded in outer space!

Featuring an amazing combination of live action, animation and puppetry, Space Police – Star Laws, sees Lieutenant Chuck Brogan (Shane Rimmer) leading the fight against organised in Space Police Precinct 44 East,on the planet Zar XL5.

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