Steve Begg to attend Supercelebration

We are very pleased to announce that visual effects supremo Steve Begg will be attending Supercelebration in September. Known to Anderson fans for his work on Terrahawks, Space Police and Space Precinct, Steve has since delivered visual effects for some of the biggest blockbuster films of this century: Batman Begins, Skyfall and Spectre, to name but three.

Steve joins one of the biggest rosters of special guests we’ve had for a Fanderson convention in many years – you don’t want to miss them!

Join us for a Supercelebration

The convention takes place from 20th to 22nd September at the 2019 Holiday Inn, Maidenhead.

Tickets for club members to Supercelebration start from just £75 per person for one day, or £130 for the whole weekend. In this challenging financial climate, we’ve managed to keep the ticket price the same as our Special Assignment convention in 2017.

That’s because we’re a fan club and no one is taking a salary.

Find out more and register now

FAB 78 is almost here…

FAB - Franics Matthews tribute

FAB 78 is on the way, and should be arriving on club members’ doormats from Friday 18th July. As you may already know, our choice of front cover for this issue turned out to be a poignant coincidence.

And to whet your appetites, we can reveal that the latest issue of the club magazine contains….

Recall to Service – Steve Begg
The special effects wizard answers your questions on Zeroids, Dick Spanner and Skyfall!

The Midas Touch: The Lunarville 7 trilogy
We reflect on Spectrum’s perilous trip to the Moon and back in 3 classic episodes of Captain Scarlet.

The Physics of Thunderbirds
Theo De Klerk begins a fascinating exploration of the science behind the technological wonders of International Rescue. This issue: Thunderbird 5!

Space Precinct at 20: Part 2
Stephen Baxter delves examines the printed adventures that were commissioned to promote the series. He also brings in novelist David Bischoff for questioning!

…plus a few other surprises, including Blu-Ray competitions, new Thunderbirds, a UFO Timelash and much more…!

You have to be a Fanderson member to receive your issue!