Steve Cage Terrahawks interviews to appear in best-selling crime thrillers

Now the Killing StartsThe 2015 edition of SFX maestro Steve Cage’s best-selling crime thriller, Now The Killing Starts, includes a 25-page interview with the author about how he started his career in  SFX on Terrahawks. “Part 1: Working for Gerry Anderson” includes digitally-restored, never-before-seen SFX photos from Terrahawks. Part 2 of the interview carries on in Cage’s To Kill The Queen, with more photos from his work on Terrahawks and Aliens. Book 3, due out in October, also has restored Terrahawks photos of the AS4 and the World President 1, plus many other general SFX shots.

These behind-the-scenes DVD-style extras are in direct response to readers’ desire to learn more about the author.

Please note: only the paperback editions contain the extras, NOT the Kindle versions.

The titles are available from Amazon now for all fans of Terrahawks and fast-paced action-adventure!

…And just to prove that Steve hasn’t left SFX behind altogether, the exploding lorry on the front of Book 3 is a 1/16th scale miniature which he shot! Likewise the cars on the back of Now the Killing Starts. This was the only way to get just the right look for his cover!