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UPDATED: Talking Thunderbirds

UPDATED 26/11/23: Judith Shutt added

UPDATED 6/11/23: Wanda and John Brown episode being broadcast on TPTV, Thursday 30th November at 19:40

UPDATED 1/11/23: Richard Conway added

UPDATED 19/10: Wanda and John Brown added

Talking Pictures TV’s online catch-up streaming service – Encore – is featuring exclusive short interviews with people who worked on Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s masterpiece series Thunderbirds.

Filmed by Fanderson member Jeff Smart, the Talking Thunderbirds series includes:

Puppet Operator Judith Shutt

Visual Effects Assistant Richard Conway

Puppeteers Wanda and John Brown

Art Director Bob Bell

Director and Writer Alan Pattillo

Voice Artist David Graham

Encore is a free service – watch via the red button on internet-connected Freeview TVs,  or register to gain access to a wealth of classic television and films.