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Thunderbirds: A Complete Guide to the Classic Series

Thunderbirds bookazinePanini Magazines are set to publish a lavish 116-page ‘bookazine’ celebrating the 50th anniversary of Thunderbirds. Writers include former Fanderson chairman Chris Bentley, Andersonic editor Richard Farrell and Thunderbirds author Sam Denham.

Highlights include:

  • A detailed guide to all 32 episodes of the classic series and the original feature films
  • Previously unpublished interviews with Gerry Anderson and director of photography Paddy Seale
  • A tribute to Derek Meddings by BAFTA-winning special effects director Mike Tucker
  • New interviews with voice artists David Graham, Shane Rimmer, Jeremy Wilkin and Matt Zimmerman, model-makers Alan Shubrook and Mike Trim, director David Lane and head of merchandising Keith Shackleton
  • A guide to 1960s Thunderbirds collectables

…and much more.

Thunderbirds: A Complete Guide to the Classic Series is edited by Marcus Hearn and designed by Mike Jones, the team behind the 50th anniversary book Thunderbirds: The Vault. “In terms of its content and scope the bookazine is very different from The Vault,” says Marcus. “The articles offer fresh perspectives on the series and we’ve uncovered some rare and previously unseen material. Fifty years is an important milestone, and it’s our aim to celebrate it in style.”

Thunderbirds: A Complete Guide to the Classic Series is available from WH Smiths and all good newsagents from 10 September, price £9.99.

Marcus and Mike will be attending Fanderson’s The Future is Fantastic convention on 3 and 4 October, where copies of the 50th anniversary publications will be available.