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Thunderbirds Are Go: Chain Reaction this Saturday

Premieres at 8:00am on Saturday 29th June on ITV and CITV. Repeats Sunday 6pm, Wednesday 4.30pm and Thursday at 7:30am on CITV (Freeview 203).

Movie night at Tracy Island is interrupted when a young GDF guard (voiced by Navin Chowdhry) gets trapped inside a radioactive nuclear facility that is said to be haunted by a mythical ‘Beast’. Scott goes in to assist, with help from the GDF, to find they are up against more than they bargained for… Will they uncover the truth about the Shackleton Beast?

Easter Eggs:

  • Shackleton power plant is named after Keith Shackleton
  • Fans of classic Gerry Anderson series will no doubt recognise Scott’s choice for movie night!