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Thunderbirds Are Go: Getaway this Saturday

Premieres at 8:00am on Saturday 6th July on ITV and CITV. Repeats Sunday 6pm, Wednesday 4.30pm and Thursday at 7:30am on CITV (Freeview 203).

Lady Penelope, Parker and Sherbet answer a distress call from Parker’s old acquaintances – Light-Fingered Fred (voiced by Alan Ford) and Gomez (voiced by Larry Lamb). The distress turns out to be a ruse, with Fred and Gomez actually wanting to use FAB1 as their getaway car. Parker and Lady Penelope join a high-speed chase through the London underground.

Easter Eggs:

  • Gomez is a character referenced in the Thunderbirds series, as is the Sonic Wave Device. It’s this that Gomez uses to steal the BR2 racing car
  • Light-Fingered Fred is a reference to the Thunderbirds series. Light-fingered Fred was the ex-cellmate of Parker, when they were both incarcerated at Parkmoor Scrubs prison.