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Thunderbirds Are Go returns to ITV with series 2

Thunderbirds Are Go series 2The second series of Thunderbirds Are Go blasted on to television screens on 22nd October, with a double bill of episodes on ITV1.

In its new Saturday afternoon slot, the series launched with Earthbreaker (how did they resist going for the title ‘Groundbreaker’?), an episode that introduces the Mechanic, a ruthless techno-villain with mysterious links to the now-imprisoned Hood, and features a Thunderbird 2 crash landing that  pays tribute to the original Thunderbirds episode, Terror in New York City. Jenna Coleman guest starred in the episode as Baines, the leader of a hapless survey team that ends up being rescued by Scott.

Following a pattern established in the first series, the second story was a space-bound affair. In Ghost Ship, International Rescue explore a spooky abandoned space ship called EDEN, and introduces the X-O Pod, a suit that enables John to undertake his own rescue missions out in space. Sounds like a new toy from Vivid could be in the offing…

Want to talk about series 2?

What did you think of the new episodes? Who is the Mechanic and what is his relationship with the Hood? Will we finally find out what happened to Jeff?!

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