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Thunderbirds Are Go: SOS Part One

Premieres at 8:00am on Saturday 1st June on ITV and CITV

Repeats Sunday 6pm on CITV (Freeview 203) and Wednesday 4.30pm on CITV.

International Rescue discovers that an unknown space vessel is on a collision course straight for Earth. Episode features Nina Sosanya as Asher and Laurel Lefkow as Finn, two astronauts trained by Jeff Tracy, who have been in deep sleep for around 8 years on their mission.

Easter Eggs:

  1. Braman (the robot) is based on Braman the robot from the original Classic series
  2. Finn is named for Christine Finn, voice of Tin-Tin and Grandma Tracy in the original Classic series
  3. Asher is a nod to Asher in the classic Thunderbirds episode Sun Probe
  4. There is a sample of the lightning from the title sequence of the original series used in the episode