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Thunderbirds-inspired original art to go on sale

Gallery and art publisher Blutulip Publishing has commissioned the artist Alberto Martinez to create a collection of Thunderbirds-inspired original art pieces. As you can see below, Alberto, whose studio is based at the JAG Gallery in Brighton, has put great care and thought into these unique, dream-like pieces:

Fabulous Penelope

Fabulous Penelope

“I have always incorporated themes that reflect ‘Britishness’ in my paintings as acclimatising to the culture and surroundings since I moved here has greatly influenced my work. So doing so with the Lady Penelope piece was almost a natural progression. The bus, British Bull Dog inside the car, teapot, Leyland truck and architecture are all nods to British culture. You’ll also notice that Parker has a football which acknowledges that the original Thunderbirds series was produced 
between 1964 and 1966 (the latter year being when England had a historic victory in the World Cup).”


T2 – International Rescue

T2 - International Rescue

“Thunderbird 2 is almost like Noah’s Ark…providing a place of shelter for the animals from the world we live in. There’s a moral undertone here that is saying that mankind are so busy worrying about their own lives and being materialistic, that they have forgotten about the rest of the living things that share the planet.”

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