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UK premiere of Inferno at Supercelebration

Inferno, episode 22 of Thunderbirds Are Go‘s second season, will receive its UK premiere screening at Fanderson’s Supercelebration convention – a weekend celebrating 50 years of UFO, Doppelgänger, The Secret Service and other Gerry and Sylvia Anderson creations – this September.

The Crystal Spire, the tallest building in the world, catches fire and the local firefighters are rendered helpless. Virgil and Alan are called to extinguish the flames and rescue everyone trapped inside.

Though omitted from ITV’s 2017 broadcast of the series, the episode has been hailed for featuring a rescue reminiscent of the classic 1966 Thunderbirds episode City Of Fire and continues to be available on streaming services elsewhere.

Registrations for Supercelebration will close on 1st September 2019, and we cannot guarantee that there will be any on-the-door places available. Don’t miss out!