FAB Annual 2023



100-page hardback A4 book, featuring:

  • FAB Diary: 1963
  • Supercar: Discovering The Spirit Of Adventure
  • Fireball XL5 voice artist interviews
  • Stingray: Blu-ray Disc review
  • Matt Zimmermann
  • the power of the Mysterons
  • Derek Meddings and Mike Trim designs
  • Alan Shubrook interview
  • UFO comic artist James Brereton
  • Century 21 instrumentaiton catalogue
  • ten reasons why The Protectors is Gerry Anderson’s best series
  • Starcruiser
  • the secret history of Terrahawks
  • Richard Culley interview
  • unique cutaways of the Plutonium Storage Depository (Thunderbirds) and Maximum Security Building (Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons).



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