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A little holiday reading – FAB Express 104!

Our summer mailing went in the post to all Fanderson members today.

FAB Express 104 should soon start landing in current members’ homes, and will be included in the welcome package for new members along with FAB Annual 2023.

As per our new membership package, all members are now invited to renew their membership in time to be included in the winter mailing. We’re planning for FAB Express 105 and FAB Annual 2024 to follow this November, to everyone who renews their membership in time. Please wait until you receive the summer mailing before renewing your membership, as the letter enclosed has full details.

As usual, as a new magazine is published, FAB Express 103 has now been added to the back issues on the club website. In case you’ve missed it, we’ve also taken the opportunity to simplify things and go back to our three-price structure.

Keep your eye out for the postie!


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