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Celebrating 40 FAB Years (albeit a year late!)

It seems quite remarkable now, but Fanderson has been a part of all our lives for 40 years.

It’s grown from quite humble beginnings, when producer/writer/director Gerry Anderson recognised the need to bring together various disparate groups into a cohesive club for all fans of his work.

Nowadays, when many other media-related clubs have closed down, gone online, or been taken over by the production companies involved, we’re a rare breed. A club created and run by fans, for fans.

Now, 41 years later, we’re celebrating this milestone (we’d planned to do it in 2021, but Covid-19 and travel restrictions put paid to that!).

40 FAB Years is not a convention, but a relaxed party. The perfect occasion to catch up with friends you’ve made through Fanderson over the years, and some special guests will be celebrating with us. We’ll have a barbecue and, like all good birthday parties, there’ll be music, drink and (of course) a cake!

We’ve got space for just 100 Fanderson members to join us at the Pinewood Hotel, a little way down the road from the world famous studios in Buckinghamshire. We’ll be there from 14:00 on Saturday 20th August 2022.

See more and book your place here.