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Fanderson releases Space:1999 Year Two Soundtrack

Space: 1999 Year 2 soundtrack CD

Space:1999 fans rejoice!

Fanderson has confirmed the release date of its Space:1999 40th Anniversary Year Two Soundtrack CD. This lavish product will be available from 1st June 2016.

However, Fanderson members can pre-order their copy right now.

Fully updated and remastered from Fanderson’s double-CD release in 2000, this 4-CD album runs for approximately four and a half hours and contains music from Space:1999 Year Two episodes, as well as the compilation films Destination Moonbase Alpha and Cosmic Princess.

The release features new library tracks and archive material courtesy of composer Derek Wadsworth. The set is complemented by a sumptuous full-colour 40-page booklet  and a special 40th Anniversary slipcase.

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